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Winkler Hefe Pils

Original gravity: °P11 | alcohol content: 4.7% vol. | contains gluten

It’s love at first sight with this frothy head. White with lots of fine pores and it doesn’t disappear when you drink it. Pale gold body below. Attractive, even cloudiness, yet radiant. The bouquet releases floral-grassy cheerfulness with memories of lemongrass and orange, a mild hint of bread and a subtle note of sponge cake. The first sip is mild, soft, and yet, also lively. Just as a sports car hugs the road, the Winkler Hefe Pils is very pleasant on the palate. A cultivated bitterness quickly fills your mouth and expands at will. Lemongrass is present once more, followed by ripe, yellow grapefruit.
At the renowned European Beer Star 2017 competition, Winkler Hefe Pils received the gold award, beating its competitors in the “German-Style Kellerpils” category. This competition has existed since 2004 and is organised by private breweries. It has since developed into one of the most important beer competitions worldwide.

Winkler Bräu | Privatbrauerei und Gutshofhotel
Winkler Bräu | Privatbrauerei und Gutshofhotel
Winkler Bräu | Privatbrauerei und Gutshofhotel

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Winkler Bräu | Privatbrauerei und Gutshofhotel
QuellenReich SPA

We look forward to the opening of our new QuellenReich SPA in summer 2023. After just 100 meters in the fresh air, through our familiar inner courtyard, you will reach the spacious 1500m2 SPA.

More room. More silence. More nature.