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If reading the descriptions of our beers makes your mouth water, you should definitely take part in a beer tasting in Bavaria.
At a beer tasting in Bavaria, you not only taste all of our different varieties, but also get a fascinating look behind the scenes.

Learn how a variety of different beers are brewed from hops, malt, yeast and water. Sparkling, fresh, smoky, velvety, aromatic – depending on the brewing process, you get your very own flavor.
And the colors also vary from the gentle yellow of the morning sun to a rich dark.


Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei

Beer tasting with overnight stay

Try all of our delicious beers and don't worry about getting home. Because there are numerous cozy rooms waiting for you at the Winkler Bräu. After the beer tasting in Bavaria, simply walk over to your room and make yourself comfortable. Pay a visit to the QuellenReich SPA or enjoy the fine food in our restaurant. If you like hiking, the Winkler Bräu is the right place for you. The Bavarian Jura promises nature lovers unforgettable experiences. What are you waiting for? Book your beer tasting in Bavaria.


Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Wir leben Bierkultur!

Privatbrauerei in Bayern

Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Summer happiness in August

A summer full of possibilities awaits you at the Winkler Bräu: Discover the landscape of the Bavarian Jura, enjoy the fine dishes and freshly brewed beer specialties on our new beer garden terrace or relax in the QuellenReich SPA, in the valley of the Schwarzen Laber.

With our time-out package you save - 50 % on the fourth night.