Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
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Brewer massage and co.

Feel good and deep relaxation

Take your time. Time for yourself, for your wishes and needs. Time for your very personal well-being. With us you can completely relax in an atmosphere of security. Choose from our comprehensive range of wellness treatments and experience pure peace and harmony.

Gentle, caring touches - supported by stimulating or calming aromas - help you leave everyday life far behind you, recharge your energy reserves in the long term and restore the optimal balance between body, mind and soul.
It doesn't matter whether it's a long-awaited wellness vacation or a spontaneous visit to the Day SPA.

Treatments: Wednesday - Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (No treatments Sunday - Tuesday!)

SPA treatments

The QuellenReich wave

Experience our exclusive signature treatment and immerse yourself in a unique experience for all the senses. Based on the healing and transformative power of water and music, this treatment offers you a deep, regenerative experience that helps you let go, calm your mind and release tension. In the wavebalance© lounger, which is filled with warm water, the spiral movements of the human body merge with the momentum and power of the wave and the manual skills of our practitioners.

TIP! This application is oil-free! Also suitable for athletes, pregnant women and children! Come in light, comfortable clothing.

The music wave

Discover soothing relaxation all for yourself on our wavebalance© lounger! Enjoy a musical tranquility session in 500 liters of warm water as gentle vibrations and soothing sounds permeate you. This combination offers you a unique experience that mobilizes your self-healing powers and gives you a deep feeling of relaxation. Without a therapist!

TIP! This application is oil-free! Also suitable for athletes, pregnant women and children! Come in light, comfortable clothing.

Winkler Bräu relaxation massage

This full-body massage is designed to reduce stress and provide deep relaxation. Various massage techniques are used to provide peace and relaxation for the body, mind and soul. It also promotes sleep.

Individual massage

During this exclusive massage, tailor-made for you, our masseurs respond individually to your needs and blockages. Various massage techniques will be coordinated with you in advance in an anamnesis discussion in order to achieve the best possible result. An individual massage experience and well-being with sensitivity.

“LaberStone” massage

Hot basalt stones and cool stones from the neighboring Black Laber are placed on the body's energy centers as a massage tool. This warming full-body massage relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. It has an extremely stress-relieving effect.

Brewer massage

A classic brush massage with circular and stroking movements towards the center of the body. Brushing the skin stimulates circulation and regulates blood pressure, while at the same time it acts like a peeling on the skin. After the additional full body massage, there is a “whistle” as a finish.

Athlete massage

This slightly more powerful full-body massage stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation in the muscles. Particularly stressed areas of the body are relaxed and vitality and mobility are restored. Ideal after exercise. For additional muscle relaxation we use our nourishing and energetic Retterspitz massage oil.

TIP! Especially for golfers and all active guests!

Combination massage

Enjoy a relaxing back massage in combination with our effective foot energy massage. A nourishing Retterspitz foot cream is used as a finish.

Back, shoulder and neck massage

Special massage techniques and heat release tension and relieve pain. The pressure and tension fall away. A feeling of well-being sets in.

Head & face massage

By treating the energy points, tensions in the head are released and nerve zones are stimulated. Tensions are relaxed and blood circulation is stimulated. Healing for headaches, fatigue and stress.

Foot Energy Massage

This massage is an energy zone massage to harmonize body, mind and soul. It helps to transport toxins and toxins out of the body. Beforehand, enjoy an alkaline foot bath. The final step is the nourishing Retterspitz foot cream.

Massage for expectant mothers

Enjoy a light, decongesting leg massage and a gentle facial massage, tailored to your individual needs. Lightness and a deep feeling of well-being arise.

Sea salt and herbal peeling

Gentle, feel-good peeling with fine sea salt, high-quality oil and herbs cleanses and pampers your skin. The peeling has a purifying effect and leaves the skin feeling fresh, delicately soft.
Optionally with lavender, lemon balm & orange blossom.

Holidays and enjoyment at Winkler Bräu

Ladies arrangement
incl. Half board
Ladies arrangement
from 324.00 euros per person
Celebrate your frindship – make time for good discussion, Wellness and a relaxing weekend.…
Time-out arrangement
incl. Half board
Time-out arrangement
from 437.00 euros per person
Explore the beautiful region of the Bavarian Jura by bike or hiking tours.   …
Brewery arrangement
incl. Half board
Brewery arrangement
from 261.00 euros per person
Enjoy bavarian beer culture – traditional hand-brewed, with ingredients of highest…
Golf arrangement
incl. Half board
Golf arrangement
from 352.50 euros per person
11 golf courses and more secret greens in the area around our manor hotel.   …
New Year arrangement
5 nights // incl. Half board
New Year arrangement
from 705.00 euros per person
Celebrate the new year in a relaxed and enjoyable way with our festive supporting program!…
A time out with all the extras

We spoil you with a variety of inclusive services

Winkler Bräu ****S Gutshofhotel & Privatbrauerei
NEW ~ QuellenReich SPA

Enjoy a unique SPA experience in our new QuellenReich SPA:

Large, heated infinity pool, sauna area with SANARIUM®, herbal sauna & Finnish sauna, two relaxation rooms, soothing massage treatments and a fitness & activity room - in the middle of nature with a view of the Black Laber Valley.